Maritime Transport

Maritime transport is the oldest way of transporting goods. In this way, bulky goods are transported, in full safety, to the desired destinations on long routes at minimal cost. Due to the special advantages of maritime transport, Arta Logistics, in collaboration with some related companies, is involved in this field and pursues the full cycle of transshipment. In line with this, goods are shipped directly and indirectly from all over the world, especially from Europe, to all Iranian ports and vice versa. In direct mode, goods are shipped directly to the port of destination without any change of ship or container. In this mode, shipping costs are much lower and shipment time is shorter. If direct shipment is not possible, goods will be carried indirectly, i.e. by transferring the cargo container from one ship to another. Arta Logistics transports freight both directly and indirectly at the lowest cost possible, with the best shipping route and in the shortest time possible for its customers.